What is WomenIN…

WomenIN (WiN) is a women empowerment portfolio dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and uplifting women from all walks of life.

Our mission is to break down silo’s, create connections and integrate influential male voices into the conversation to empower women to reach their full potential.

Our aim is to foster leadership, and create a global community where women can trust, influence, connect, learn, and grow together from grassroots level.

WiN offers a platform and services designed to build confidence, foster personal and collaborative growth, connect, and provide tools for success through capacity building, in-person gatherings and much more.

We walk the talk… to create sustainable impact, starting today for generations to come.

Let’s build a lasting legacy and WiN Together.


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WiN Meets 12 of the 17 UN SDGs!

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Our community outreach projects

Join our community outreach project, #againstperiodpoverty, empowering women through WiN’s platform. Discover success stories of women and young girls benefiting from our initiatives and CSI projects.

Contribute to community development by engaging in social initiatives and volunteering opportunities that directly address grassroots issues.

Help combat the global issue where over 500 million young girls and women lack access to essential facilities during their “menses”.

Together, let’s make a difference. #countherin

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) commemorates 44 years of driving the fight against preventable cardiovascular heart disease and stroke, with the aim of seeing fewer people suffer premature deaths and disabilities. Established in 1980 as an NGO / NPO the Foundation relies on external funding to sustain itself.

Our vision is to halt the rise of premature CVD in people within South Africa and to see more people adopt healthy lifestyles in South Africa.

Our mission is the promotion of cardiovascular health through advocacy, influencing and support as well as through the empowerment of people to adopt healthy lifestyles / choices and to seek appropriate care

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BUMI, A BETTER LIFE – BUMI, “life” in the Luba language, is a humanitarian and development NGO in the DRC.

Founded in 1985, BUMI addresses public health, underdevelopment, and poverty by protecting and educating orphaned and vulnerable children.

Initially working in northern Katanga, BUMI focused on hygiene and rights awareness and opened a low-cost dispensary in Lubumbashi. In 1992, they shifted to caring for street children.

Today, BUMI supports 150 children in the Karavia Children’s Village and educates over 500 children in two schools.

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New Heritage Foundation, Is an Award winning women-led non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are dedicated to end period poverty through period impact initiatives. We are intentional in our advocacy to leave no young girl or woman menstruating behind.

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