Women in Energy Feature – Roscia Mariacristina, Associate Professor Phd presso Università degli Studi di Bergamo


Roscia is a professor at the University of Bergamo Italy. Her doctoral thesis was on renewable sources in Africa and several of her papers (for example “Smart Resilient City and IoT Towards Sustainability of Africa”) are on the great possibilities of making African cities smart. She is also interested in being part of a scientific commission or other organization that promotes & assists sustainable development in Africa.

Personal Questions

How did you end up in the energy sector and what advice would you give to other women wanting to follow a similar career trajectory?

Electricity has always fascinated me, due to the incredible intelligence it has in itself, for example, it moves towards a circuit with less electrical resistance, which makes it intuitively understandable!

In your opinion, why do you think the energy sector in its current state has less female representation and do you see it increasing?

Since my studies, there have been very few women in this industry, as well as now, but perhaps we have set an example that there really are no obstacles in this area for us women and that female intuition is of great help in this area of research.

Industry Questions

What opportunities do you see in Africa’s energy market?

The African market obviously has invaluable renewable sources and with the skills and level of knowledge achieved in this field, Africa could be made a self-sufficient nation and exporter of green energy, without compromising the unique African natural habitat in the world.

What recent successes give you hope for Africa’s energy industry?

The interest that women have placed in this sector is evidence of a cultural movement that can lead to the creation of sustainable smart cities in the African continent.

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